Benefits of Solar

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Going solar with Headline is unique from any other solar company

We offer a range of features and benefits in combination that no other solar company in the country does


No upfront Cost

Headline Solar works with exclusive financial institutions to help homeowners get the best deals around and make the most money back.


Help the environment

As one of the many false myths of solar power, solar panel production creating fossil fuel emissions is the biggest one. Fortunately our technology is getting to such apoint that we're able to work with panel producers who adhere to strict emissions reduction standards


No Utility price hikes

In extension to working with you to have no upfront cost, Headline Solar makes a guarantee that you won't make any payments for a year on top of having no electricity bill


State benfits

Illinois in particular is one of the best economies to participate in solar energy production with. Most solar owners can expect to make back as much as 50-60% of their costs through solar production in Illinois. But these benefits won't last forever. 2019 is the year to get solar before these opportunities fade away.


30 year warranty

5 years above the average warranty in our industry is one of our unique offering. Most solar companies only offer 15-25 year warranties on their solar panels. With Headline Solar you're receiving the absolute best warranties in the industry.


Your own dashboard

Monitor your solar production and savings with our proprietary solar dashboard. Get your own secure user account and log in any time to view how much you're saving and how much you're making

2019 is the year

To take advantage of solar incentives through both the state and government

Headline makes it easy from start to finish. Understand how much you can save, have a clean and respectful installation process, and monitor your savings from a web browser.

State and Federal

Being an Illinois homeowner puts you in a unique position to take advantage benefits offered through your state program on top of the federal solar tax credit for solar system owners, Illinois residents can receive additional financial benefits through the state’s solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) market.

llinois has a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that commits the state to produce 25 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2025.

What Else You Need to Know?

Choosing Headline Solar for our solar installers was the best decision we could make

Mike Jennings, Cloudy Park, IL

What our customers are saying

Will you be one of the lucky few Illinois Homeowners to go solar?

We're Saving finally!

The amount of money our family is saving just 4 months after installation is great. Headline Solar was very helpful every step of the way and we can't recommend them enough.

Kim k.


What can i say?

Headline educated us, gave us a concept of our system and laid out our benefits and savings in a simple manner that made it easy for us to start selling our energy back and paying for our system.

george and jackie



Our solar panel system is barely noticeable from all angles. It was installed very fast and Headline's team left our property without a trace, scrap, scratch or dent. Thank you again guys.

Yuri Antinov


Already saving

We feel we've made the right decision by going solar with Headline. They were able to map out our savings, benefits and install our system in a short amount of time. My wife and I are looking forward to enjoying our savings in the near future.

Derek H.



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